Mercredi 03 novembre 2010

Disney Animation Art Collection

Animation cels - an ecumenical (short for celluloid) is a blank clear plastic sheet, artist studios used to draw an animated character or object animation division of the Veste Blouson original pencil drawing basis. In a transparent film, and then placed in the background and shoot production in the completed sequence of the film or cartoon short life of fantasy. Different for each Grand Duke, but that does not mean that every Duke is unique. Often create numerous copies of a Grand Duke at home for the crossing of the color mode in order to promote Veste Blouson their technology and skills in the animation art market.
Limited edition animation cels - non-production collector hand painting created for sale to China Everbright Holdings. They produce a limited number of fixed easily by the score in the bottom right corner (150/500) identity. They are not used in the film or Bottes Femme cartoon shorts, and the original intention was to re-establish the original production cels. Now a lot of animation studios release new production is not based on the image.
Sericels - Grand Duke was not used in non-production film screening silk shorts or similar means to create the printing process. No work is undertaken by an artist's hand, so no paint or ink involved. They are often produced in a limited number of Nike TN 5000, they sold the animation as a low-cost alternative to products and limited edition animation cels copy. Drawings - These drawings are created under the tutelage of the original animation production cels are tracking or
Album album - French term "album album", literally meaning "spray of ink" is used to describe these prints. Four precision nozzles spray up to a million microscopic droplets per second Zumba DVD to the art paper. Then, each type of small pieces of paper with one hand. Show full color spectrum, prints are soft and lush, capturing the nuances of the original artwork.
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